Searching for way to earn bitcoin? Then you are in right place for information. Bitcoin is a digital crypto-currency which you can earn and withdraw through your local currency. Check out our review about this new PTC site.


Learn To Earn | discovers new paid to click site which named by

This is a new site and looks professional as well unique. Site admin is very professional and you will be glad to get touch with him. As a professional, he seems planned for long term business. You can contact with him over phone or through Skype chat or call.

How many ways do we earn bitcoin?

There is two way you can earn money / bitcoin through as follows
  1. Surfing Advertiser Ads (As a free member you can view 4 ads daily).
  2. Rented Referral (Upgrade & Ad Purchase commission only).
  3. Direct Referral (Upgrade & Ad Purchase commission only).
There is no earning from referral click. You only earn commission when your referral upgrade or purchase ads pack.

As a free member, you are not allowed to rent over 100 referrals. Though there is no limit for direct referral.

How do we get paid?

You will be able to cash out earnings, once you reach minimum $2.

What is the payment method?

ClickinBTC only pays through BITCOIN. If you do not have a bitcoin wallet then create one and update your ClickinBTC account to get paid. Your bitcoin address will be like this => 12DdgMXJQo179dejSt931LxEerJAgupnSo

This is site looks more solid than any other paid to click website on the internet. Enjoy earnings and promoting to earn more bitcoin.

If you haven't create a ClickinBTC account then create now and start making bitcoin / cash online now.

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