If you are searching for revenue share based advertising company is scam or legitimate for investment? Then you are in right place. Before telling you about this company I would like to tell you one thing and that is do not take risk if you can't afford.

SharingTheTraffic Review: is an online advertising company. They are offering services to promote your business online within a large community and get the paid traffic for you purchasing plan. They also offers revenue share for their advertiser who would to get benefited while promoting their business opportunity to others. As well they are offering commission for every advertiser you recommend to join their program.

If you have an online business and would like to promote your business opportunity, affiliate link or ecommerce store to get worldwide traffic then you can register with

If you would like to earn money with then should take risk because they will pay you only if they earn. But as an advertiser you no need to worry because you can advertise your business as long you wish while getting revenue share profit and commission from your referral advertiser to grow your audience smoothly.
If your target is to earn money then purchase as much ad pack you can to mature your profit in a time frame they provide though it is risky will recommend you to invest only if you can take risk as well first two to three months after any advertising company launch.

Check the advertisement pack and revenue share they offers as follows below
Ad Pack 1
Price $1
Revenue Earnings: 110%
Daily Earnings: 5%
Days To Mature: 22 Days
50 Website Credits
1000 Banner Credits
1000 Text Ad Credits
Repurchase Rule: 20%
Ad Pack 2
Price $20
Revenue Earnings: 120%
Daily Earnings: 4%
Days To Mature: 30 Days
500 Website Credits
25000 Banner Credits
25000 Text Ad Credits
Repurchase Rule: 20%
Ad Pack 3
Price $50
Revenue Earnings: 140%
Daily Earnings: 3%
Days To Mature: 47 Days
1250 Website Credits
50000 Banner Credits
50000 Text Ad Credits
Repurchase Rule: 20%
Ad Pack 4
Price $100
Revenue Earnings: 150%
Daily Earnings: 2%
Days To Mature: 75 Days
2500 Website Credits
200000 Banner and Text Credits
100 PPC Credits
In order to earn money or advertise your business register now clicking the button below

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