If you are searching about SearchTrade is real or scam then you are in right place. And we can say yes SearchTrade is a legal search trading company you can earn money with. You can earn online while searching, buying keywords and referring your friends to this system are going to introduce today. And that is SearchTrade. Yes correct, you heard true. Let's get started.....

What is ?
is world's first internet search company that turns users into stake holders in the success of the platform by sharing revenue with users. pools all revenues it earns from various sources such as Advertising, Keyword sale, Keyword trading fee and Keyword renewal fee.
How many ways can we make money with ?
3 ways you can earn money from is as mentioned below -
  • Searching on .
  • Purchasing (Trade on) Keywords; &
  • Referring your friends.
How much can we earn from SearchTrade?
currently paying percentages to their members for participating below mentioned activity as follows -
  • Keyword Referral Percentage - 7.5%.
  • First Purchase Cashback Percentage - 7.5%.
  • Search Referral Earning - 10%.
Every time your refer members purchase keywords or search on you earn revenue. As well earn from your own search and purchase. There is no limit how many referral you have. pays you through Bitcoin wallet.

Should we pay subscription fee to join in this program?
No. You no need to pay any subscription fee to join in this program. To increase your earnings you should purchase (trade on) keywords and refer friends and teach them to do same.

In order to with this program click on the banner below

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