MyDollarClix Review:

If you are searching about  is scam or legit? Then you are in right place. We have reviewed this site and what we found given below in brief details.

 is an advertising and paid to click service. This site is based on Canada but looks like from Netherland. This sites looks so good as like as Neobux.

 offers 5 ways to earn money from their paid to click site ex: Paid to Click Ads, Paid to Click Wall ads, Clixwall Ads, My Dollar Grid, Paid to Click sign up offers and through direct and rented referral.

We have found through  forum and their members that they are paying everyone. The minimum amount of payment is $ 2.00 for the first payment. The minimum limit will be increased by $ 1.00 for each payment until you reach the fixed minimum limit of $ 10.00. Each payment can be discounted a fee depending on the payment processor you use.
After requesting your payment, you will receive the same in up to 24 hours on your chosen payment processor unless some unforeseen technical occurrence occurs during the process.
So we are recommending this site right now and it is safe to use and earn money. Please any kind of information you would like to tell us about this site comment below the post so we can contact you and sort out the issue. Stay tuned for more update.

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